Every house owner would love to get a new tenant as soon as his/her house becomes vacant in order not to lose the income. Below steps describe the different ways of making it attractive for potential tenants.

  1. Keep it clean. A prospective tenant might easily be put off by a dirty kitchen worktop, and certainly by an unclean bathroom, and any other room.  Make sure that tiles and work surfaces are gleaming, and don’t forget the grouting too.
  2. Leaks. A prospective tenant can spot a leaking tap a mile off – and they want to know that you pay attention to small details. Fix those taps, and if possible get some new modern ones which can bring a kitchen or bathroom up to date quickly.
  3. Clear the clutter. Try to keep rooms as clear of clutter as possible. If you can, then it’s a good idea to store boxes etc off the premises.
  4. Smells. Be aware of unwanted smells. Make the use of air fresheners to avoid smells of damp, stuffiness or pets
  5. Do not underestimate the power of a good lick of paint. The interior and exterior will instantly look more appealing, fresher, and cleaner for potential tenants. Do remove all old flakes or fungus before applying though, to ensure that it lasts longer
  6. Don’t forget the outside areas. If your property has a garden, keep it as well maintained as possible… pathways should be kept weed-free, and watch those overgrowing shrubs. Keep lawns cut back alongside pathways and driveways.
  7. Take the best clear photos of the house if you intend to market the house online.

Keeping the above in mind will definitely change the way tradition of having to wait for two-three months to get a new tenant. It is advisable that you get an agent to assist you in marketing and you will spend some amount on commissions which is worth it, since it saves you time for getting a tenant and also doing your own other stuff.

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